Machine diagnosis

Your experienced partner in Machine Diagnostics

We measure and analyze vibrations on rotating equipment such as electrical motors, pumps, ventilators, gearboxes, shifters, mills, crushers and much more.

With our help you will get a better view of the condition of your assets. You can plan repairs and save your resouses. No more unexpected downtime on your most important equipment. You can avoid much unexpected down time of your most important assets.

Furthermore we make performance tests on new and refurbished equipment.

We also offer the following services:

  • Damage analysis (VDI 3822), to find the cause of a damage
  • Oil analysis – (wear, pollutants, water, etc.)
  • Penetrant testing (NDT)
  • Inspection of compressed air installations (we find leakages with the help of ultrasound) – can help you save energy costs
  • Reaccurent tests according to the AM-VO

Please get in contact with us, so that we can help you with your condition monitoring.

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